Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Companies

1. Why do so many non-U.K. companies list on London's AIM?

Because London's AIM is a well-respected, global stock exchange with deep, liquid markets.

2. Where do most of the non-U.K. companies listed on London's AIM come from?

The U.S., China, Australia, Ireland, India, South Africa, Israel, Canada and Russia.

3. Why aren’t more U.S. companies listed on London's AIM?

The main reason is simply a lack of general knowledge and understanding of what London’s AIM has to offer.  Another reason is that while, at a high level, there would appear to a large swath of U.S. companies that fit the size criteria and growth characteristics for London’s AIM, the reality is that additional quantitative and qualitative criteria must be met, along with having an executive management team and board of directors with the vision and willingness to undertake an IPO outside of North America.